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Woodblock and drypoint etching
19" x 13" (48 x 33 cm)

According to the UN, thousands of women have been raped as their villages were razed by the government-backed Janjaweed militias which have devastated western Sudan since 2003. Women in refugee camps as well as foreign aid workers are also targeted for sexual assault. In this print I've worked with imagery depicting the various forms of rape involved in the Darfur conflict – the military helicopters that come to bomb the villages first, the Janjaweed on horseback (based on children's drawings), the circular rings that remain after the Darfurian huts are burned, the land itself with its scarce resources, and the foreign oil companies with interests in Sudan (logos along the garment’s hem). The woman's body is a map of an area of Darfur.

5 wood blocks, 2 plastic plates
11 color layers on echizen kozo paper
Edition: 10