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Japanese Woodblock Print
19" x 13" (48 x 33 cm)


Based on a satellite view of a glacier in Greenland, this print is a first attempt at addressing the ambiguity of my own thoughts and feelings about climate change -- the sense that I can't quite grasp what's happening, that the places that are being affected are far-away places I'm not acquainted with, and the questions about what I personally am willing to sacrifice (not air travel!) to help avert the possible disaster we face. The fact that jet contrails actually reflect sunlight (helpful) as well as dump tons of carbon for every trip (harmful) sums up beautifully the paradoxes and complexities of this mess we're in.

11 x 16.5 inches (28 x 42 cm)
made from 2 wood blocks
11 color layers on echizen kozo paper
Edition: 10