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Japanese Woodblock Print
33" x 13" (83.8 x 33 cm)

Also sold individually for $500 each
(please email me.)

These 3 prints are stylized from Google maps and depict (L to R) Lumbini (birthplace of Buddha), Bethlehem (birthplace of Jesus), and Mecca (birthplace of Mohammed) combined with a border and a symbol at the top for the religion that began with each birth. I was curious at the beginning of this project to see what, if anything, each geography might reveal about the 3 religions, and I did find some resonances. The watery/wind-like shapes of the land around Bethlehem reminds me of Christianity's mysterious Holy Spirit; Mecca's roads leading to the city center emphasize the role of pilgrimage in Islam; and the perfect rectangle of the garden in Nepal where Buddha is said to have been born echoes the promise of enlightenment.

Image size: 11" x 28.5" (28 x 72 cm)
Paper: Rives Heavyweight
Edition: 24