ARTWORK > Secret Codewords of the NSA

Woodblock print of goldfish by artist illustrator Annie Bissett depicting a secret code word of the NSA called fishbowl
Japanese woodblock (mokuhanga)
6" x 6" (15.24 x 15.24 cm)

F is for fishbowl.

I started this piece with a fish in a bowl, but then I realized that the bowl was unnecessary because it's all a fishbowl, no matter where we go. We leave little data trails everywhere -- our cars, our phones, our laptops. Just try to jump out.

The NSA's fishbowl project isn't really about surveillance, though. It's a mobile phone architecture that can provide Voice over IP (VoIP) capability secure enough to be approved for transmitting classified information. The interesting thing about fishbowl is that the secure connection is created using only commercial grade products, which means that even you and I could do it if we knew how.

Seven applications of color, with blind emboss
Kochi Kozo paper
edition: 20