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White line woodcut, Black Lesbian Caucus, gay history
IDENTIFY (Black Lesbian Caucus)
White Line Woodcut
14.5" x 20.5" (37 x 52.4 cm)

The Black Lesbian Caucus grew out of the Gay Liberation Front in 1971 and is the oldest black lesbian organization in the United States. In 1974 the Caucus reformulated itself as Salsa Soul Sisters, Third World Wimmin Inc, an autonomous group of black and Latina lesbians offering its members a social and political alternative to the lesbian and gay bars, which they felt had exploited and discriminated against lesbians of color. The group identified themselves as ‘womanist’ as opposed to ‘feminist,’ using the term to include race and class-based oppression as well as gender oppression. Now called African Ancestral Lesbians United for Societal Change, the group is "committed to the spiritual, cultural, educational, economic and social empowerment of African Ancestral womyn."

12" x 18" (30.5 x 45.7 cm) image size
Mawata paper
Edition: 3