ARTWORK > I Was a 20th Century Lesbian

+++ Current Ongoing Project +++

Since the mid-20th century (my own lifetime), U.S. culture has advanced from a situation where homosexuals could be prosecuted for having sex in our own homes to the Supreme Court declaring that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. It’s easy to forget how we got here, and to whom we are indebted for our (however fragile) good fortune. This body of work is an examination of the trajectory of the lives of LGBTQ Americans over the last half century and a celebration of the progress of gay liberation. The series is also autobiographical, especially as it relates to the uncomfortable relationship between homosexuality and religion.

Chapter One, The Curse, consists of images of isolation and exile.
Chapter Two, Counterspells, celebrates eleven organizations that brought gay rights forward in the second half of the 20th century.
Chapter Three includes more abstract pieces that appropriate religious language to describe lesbian/female eroticism, sensibility, and spirituality.
Chapter Four will be a series of hand made momigami (paper cloth) quilts named after lovers.