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A series of maps showing the states that allow gay marriage, 2004-2012
Woodblock print
6 x 8 in (15 x 20 cm) each

This series of prints begins on the date of my marriage, August 15, 2004 — the first year that gay marriage was legal in Massachusetts. From 2004 until 2008, Massachusetts was the only state in the U.S. where gay marriage was legal. In 2008, a California court decision made gay marriage legal there as well, so that year I decided to start a series of prints tracking the state of my own gay marriage. Each year on my anniversary I make an updated version of this two-color map. Someday it will be a one-color map.

Please note that I'm not tracking where gay marriages can be legally performed, nor am I interested in the semantic trickery called "civil union." I'm tracking which states recognize the validity of my own marriage. I'm literally making a yearly map of where I'm married and where I'm not married.